What Is CS2 Elo Boost?

The ranking system in CS2 (Counter strike global offence) works based on Elo points, which are also used for ranking in chess. In the case of Elo, a form of rating the winner borrows the points from the loser in every game. To boost your rank in the game of CS2, the CS2 Elo boost can be used. You will come to know about Elo ranking in CS2 further below.

How Is Elo Rating Used In CS2?

Elo rating that is usually used in the game of chess can be made use of in the game of CS2 as well. For example if there is a six versus six team game in CS2, then the ranking will be done based on Elo in every round of the game. The total Elo points of all the six players of each of the teams will be calculated respectively. Any of the players in a team who scores fewer points than their team would lose the game with less Elo points than those who score more points in the Round loss case.

The different rankings that a CS2 player can get from the topmost to lowest order are

  • TGE or The Global Elite
  • SFMC or Supreme First Master Class
  • LEM or Legendary Eagle Master
  • LE or Legendary Eagle
  • DMG or Distinguished Master Guardian
  • MGE or Master Guardian Elite
  • MG2 or Master Guardian II
  • MG1 or Master Guardian I
  • GN4 or Gold Nova IV
  • GN3 or Gold Nova III
  • GN2 or Gold Nova II
  • GN1 or Gold Nova I
  • S4 or Silver IV
  • S3 or Silver III
  • S2 or Silver II
  • S1 or Silver I

What To Consider While Selecting A CS2 Elo Booster?

A few of the points to be considered during the selection of the CS2 Elo booster are

  • The services guaranteed by any of the websites that are providing CS2 Elo booster should be provided. Concisely, the website should be true to the promises they have made regarding the booster’s quality of service.
  • CS2 Elo booster should be able to level up the players’ ranks quickly if requested by the customers.
  • Reliable customer support should be provided on the websites that sell the Elo boosters.


According to the customer reviews provided in the websites that provide CS2 Elo booster, you can be utmost sure to make the right decision while buying the booster.